STC Response to COVID-19

To All of Our Valued STC Clients:   Samuelson Tingo Construction, LLC (“STC”) wants to take this time, during the COVID-19 virus crisis and the Sonoma County “Shelter-in-Place” Order, to advise you: we appreciate your business and confidence in STC; and, how STC will be operating its construction business for the foreseeable future. STC is considered an [...]

STC Response to COVID-192020-03-26T11:47:51-07:00

What Construction Contracts Must Include

13 Sections a Construction Contract MUST Include A good construction contract stops short of excess, but thoroughly covers all 13 of these “must-have” sections of your agreement. A construction contract can range from a handshake to an official document the length and complexity of the great novel War [...]

What Construction Contracts Must Include2020-02-24T12:41:31-07:00
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