The Five Stages of the Samuelson Tingo
Project Management Process

The Samuelson Tingo Project Management Process maintains 5 stages, all designed and executed to delivered our projects on budget, and on time.

Phase 1: Project Cost Estimate and Budget Control

Defining the budget is by far one of the most important processes of a construction project. Samuelson Tingo uses a 3 step Project Bid and Budget Control process to control project costs:

  1. Initial Clarification – of the objectives and limitations of the project.
  2. Ongoing Cost Monitoring – throughout every aspect and phase of the project – both on-site and in the Samuelson Tingo Construction back-office.
  3. Cost Management and Accounting Oversight – by the experienced Samuelson Tingo management and accounting departments, in collaboration with the Project Team, insures all project financial agreements and estimates run according to plan.

Phase 2: Project Planning

The project planning phase is where the Samuelson Tingo Project Team singles out project timing, costs, and resources for the project – from beginning to end.

Samuelson Tingo planning includes Risk Management – examining all the potential threats for the project, and establishing threat solutions.

Finally, an Samuelson Tingo Communication Plan is established to insure an efficient information flow between the project stakeholders.

Phase 3: Project Scheduling

Samuelson Tingo’s focus on project communication and scheduling improves the allocation of materials and resources within a project.

Samuelson Tingo’s meticulous scheduling avoids potential delays.

The result is a less expensive final product, and one that is delivered on-time.

Phase 4: Project Management

In the Execution Phase, the Samuelson Tingo Project Management Plan is finalized and put to work.

The Samuelson Tingo Project Team makes sure that the required tasks are being performed.

At the same time, progress is monitored and changes are being made accordingly. Project updates are uploaded regularly to the Homeowner Project Update Portal so our customers know exactly what is going on.

Phase 5: Closing / Closure

Experienced and careful project management is the engine to a successful construction project. It must start the project well-tuned, and be continuously re-tuned throughout the project to assure a high-quality / on-time / on-budget construction completion.

At Samuelson Tingo, we have the experience and know-how–to start your project with the correct schedule and plan, and finish it as promised in all respects.