The Samuelson Tingo Construction Contractor
Quality Management Process

One of the pillars of the Samuelson Tingo Construction project delivery process is the management of the quality of the products and services Samuelson Tingo provides.


The Samuelson Tingo Construction Contractor Quality Management Process

All contractors make an effort to control quality, but generally most of them do not have a robust quality management process in place. In many cases, they do not have a written program either.

Samuelson Tingo delivers a structured approach to its quality management program. Samuelson Tingo maintains a strict written quality management process, with trained supervision on the construction site, a control system that holds people specifically accountable and reviews performance and results.

Contractor Quality Management Program

Samuelson Tingo’s Quality Management Program (“QMP”) is a written document defining the Samuelson Tingo quality processes, practices, and procedures. These are designed to ensure that the project’s quality requirement are met or exceeded. The Samuelson Tingo program has two elements:

  1. QC Plan: Quality Control (QC) – How the Samuelson Tingo project quality will be managed during construction of the project.
  2. QA Process: Quality Assurance (QA) – How Samuelson Tingo ensures that the required quality of the project is achieved.

The Impact of Samuelson Tingo’s Quality Program

Samuelson Tingo’s robust QMP is critical to the overall success of our construction projects. The Samuelson Tingo QMP creates a process for clarifying standards and requirements, establishes means and methods for managing the process, and defines responsibilities and accountabilities. It effectively adds another avenue to more effectively manage the supply chain, while reducing misunderstandings and potential conflict.

Our  QMP effectively facilitates and manages the collection of data, identifies performance discrepancies and nonconforming work, and substantially increases efficiency by reducing defects and punch list work.