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Ready to turn your home into the masterpiece you’ve long desired?
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We Keep You Informed

Our Homeowner Portal delivers to our clients’ desktop computers and mobile phones:

  • 24/7 Project Update Status
  • Real-Time Photo Project Updates
  • Project Schedule Updates
  • Project Documents Access

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We Respond and Answer Your Questions

You can count on timely response to your emails and phone calls. Unlike some construction companies, you will never wait days to hear back from us when you need help or have a question.

We Give You a “No Surprises” Guarantee

At Samuelson Tingo, we build quality homes. On time and on budget.

In fact, we guarantee it. We will build your home for the price estimate you agree to before construction begins. Unless you request a change, we promise we will honor our commitments to you. In fact, we put that in writing. If anything goes over budget, it’s our problem, and we will make it right.

We Build Quality Homes – On-Time and On-Budget

Our two owners have a combined 70 years of construction and management experience. Building great homes that will stand the test of time takes years of experience. Building for maximum water drainage, construction durability, living ease and efficiency, and design beauty – are skills honed only with time.

Samuelson Tingo Construction has a world-class team of employee carpenters, framers, project managers, accounting personnel, data entry personnel, estimators, and senior management. Our core construction team has been working together building and renovating custom homes for over 10 years.

With over 20 years of building exclusively in Sonoma and Surrounding Counties, Samuelson Tingo Construction maintains relationship with suppliers from throughout the West Coast, and subcontractors throughout Northern California. We deliver quality homes with materials purchased at the lowest possible prices.

We know that effective project management is the key to on-time construction of durable, cost effective, home-building. Project management is the key to seamless connection between the purchase / delivery of quality materials, and the efficient scheduling and oversight of skilled labor.

We are transparent to our homeowner clients in every respect. All contracts, Change Orders, budgets, estimates, etc. are available to our homeowner clients 24/7/365 on our Homeowner Portal.

Our estimators are experienced, and efficient; they work with our material purchasing personnel to provide cost estimates that are realistic and reliable.

Our experienced Purchasing Department is the key to our hi-quality, cost effective construction.

We deliver a home that is finished to spec in every detail. But we don’t consider it complete until our homeowner client is satisfied in every respect.